Changing Air Cabin Filter & Air Filter – Peugeot RCZ

Let’s breath in fresh air

Changing an ai cabin filter doesn’t seem to be a big deal at first glance. After all, the filter itself is basically just a dry piece of foam. Getting to the air cabin filter compartment is a different story. On my 2012 Peugeot RCZ it’s basically a three-step process: (1) Remove the plastic admission tube that is connected to the cabin air filter housing, (2) unclip and pull out the insulating mat just behind the admission tube and finally, (3) open up the cover and pull out the used air cabin filter. Now simply replace it with a new filter and proceed in the reverse order.

NOTICE: As always with car plastics, be patient and careful not to handle them roughly as they can easily crack. I like to quote Amesie from Amesie’s Automotive Corner, “those plastic parts are as supple as uncooked pasta”. 🙂

Let’s give this car some clean air

Now that the cabin has clean air, let’s turn our attention to the engine. This filter is located behind the engine. You can directly access it by unbolting the cover, the air intake hose, as well as unclip the electronic sensor that is connected to it.

NOTICE: As always when you take any bolts out in and around the engine block, make sur to store them safely and not let them fall into the engine bay. You never know whether they will be stuck or lost somewhere in there. 😉

Happy wrench spinning! 😀

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  1. Hi Scotti,

    Thank you for the amazing work you’ve done on this channel. You’ve been a huge help!

    Where is the fuel filter on the Peugeot RCZ? And at what mileage do you need to change it at?

    1. Hi Marco, thank you for your nice comment. On the petrol version, the fuel filter is under the car, close to the fuel tank on the left side. To my knowledge there is no mileage indicated to change it. Unless you know that you had bad fuel or something in the tank just check it an change if necessary.

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