Engine fault: repair needed – the oxygen sensor & bad fuel

A lot of work for nothing

When your RCZ error message shows “Engine fault: repair needed”, many things can be at the heart of the issue. If you’ve watched the first episode of this saga, you know what I’ve already tried to fix the issue. As usual for modern cars, it’s always best to get a readout of the problem by connecting the car to an OBD2 diagnostic tool. But what if the read out of that tool is not accurate enough and you end up changing something like, let’s say the oxygen sensor and it turns out that that’s not even the problem? Darn… So now what? Find out in the following video. 🙂


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  1. It lights up error, the engine fault repair needed, the car loses power, as I turn off the engine everything comes back right
    Please help me what it can be

    1. It’s not possible for me to just tell you what’s wrong with your car. You need a mechanic to actually look at your car and hook up a diagnostic tool to read the error codes. Sorry.

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