MotorScotti is the motoring version of my own nickname MisterScotti. I created in the spring of 2015 simply to document my three months travels across the United States of America, which has since become a general travelling blog, even though that’s become a bit dusty by now. As I decided to document and share my own “motoring world”, I wanted develop a certain continuity and grow the “Scotti” family. There you go, was born, together with its Youtube channel and Facebook page.

A passion for cars

I’m a 30+ guy who ever since I was a little kid I have been passionate about cars. During the night, on long holiday family journeys across Europe I used to identify car brands and their respective model types just by looking at the oncoming headlights. Cars have always fascinated me. Whether it’s the beautiful and sumptuous lines, a stylish interior that pays attention to details regarding its purpose and the workmanshop, the performance, the history of the brand and the car or simply the emotional value a very common car can have for me.

MotorScotti’s mission

My goal is to share my passion for cars and motorcycles. The theme of my blog has shifted over the years: From reviews of model cars, to my very first proper mechanical work on the bobber conversion of my 1100 Yamaha Drag Star Classic, to doing service, repair and slight modification on my 2012 Peugeot RCZ, to my current project – the restoration and conversion of my 1990 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am to Knight Rider’s KITT.

In between I occasionally throw in a article or video on my thoughts on anything car industry that I feel important sharing or I take the audience with me to a car event. I’m always happy to communicate with the audience, be it on this blog, on my YouTube channel where I invite you to leave a comment or go to my Facebook for discussions and Instagram (#motorscotti) for any content in between videos and articles.

I don’t intend to sell anything on my website, other than creating awareness for my YouTube channel, which on it’s own is creating some revenue. If you really want to support me making more content, check it out my YouTube channel and watch and share the videos! Stay tuned and enjoy!