Final upgrades – Part 1

Welcome to a two-video series of the final upgrades to my KITT Trans Am. That’s right, I’ve decided to put all the remaining service, repair and upgrades into two videos. In this video I’m gonna go through the valve cover gasket replacement and the painting of the covers, changing the O2-sensor, the power steering fluid, the radiator hoses & thermostat and the accessory belt.

PMD seats & tan interior

In this episode I’m showing you how turned the factory grey interior of my KITT Trans Am into the now beautiful tan interior. Please note that this is one of several different options you can choose and that ultimately the method is up to each individual’s taste and budget.

DRL & fog lamps installation

In this episode I’m showing you why I didn’t go with screen accurate front lights and how I installed the DRL and fog lamps. Ever since I’ve posted videos showing the complete front end with the lighting setup, various people have been commenting and asking why I did it the way I did and not build a more screen accurate version. Wanna know why? Watch the video! 🙂

Sound system

In this video I’m going through the installation of my new radio, the inside, as well as engine bay speakers and how I connected the radio with the scanner control box together using a sound mixer. In short, the sound system. Check it out! 🙂

Bodywork & paint

In this video I’m going through the body and paintwork that went into my KITT Trans Am. It’s not one of my typical how to videos, but more like the story of how everything came together, what to pay attention to and what to look for when searching the right body and paintshop. I’m also giving you some tips regarding the installation of new T-Top seals.

Knight Rider – Escape isolation

In this time of global Corona / Covid-19 pandemic, many people are asked to stay at home. You might be busy, you might be scared, you might also be a little bit bored and if you are a car person, just waiting for the day you can enjoy your freedom again and take your car out for a drive and to your next car meeting.

Therefore I’ve made this little montage of some footage we’ve taken over the past year of KITT driving around. For everyone who has to stay at home and misses the freedom of just going for a drive. Hang in there and stay safe everybody!

Removing the taillight on my Peugeot RCZ

Twist it till it snaps

Another day, another tutorial! This time we’re removing a taillight of the RCZ. If you want to order it before you read or watch through the process, here are the part numbers. Peugeot part number: YM40701280, Automotive Lighting part number: 2623 0102. Always make sure you’re ordering the correct side, since the left and the right units are symmetric, hence not identical.

Left taillight cover, 2012 Peugeot RCZ
Left taillight cover, 2012 Peugeot RCZ

In a nutshell, the entire process is quite simple. It can however be confusing when you’ve never done it before. Open up the cover on the side of the trunk and disconnect the cable. There is only one cable coming from the taillight. After that there are two big white nuts to unscrew. The first time I tried to loosen them they were so tightened up that I needed pliers.

Left taillight, 2012 Peugeot RCZ
Left taillight, 2012 Peugeot RCZ

Push the taillight out from the inside and twist the entire unit counter clockwise until the burl in the front of the light snaps out of its position. I sounds like something just broke but don’t worry, it’s really just the burl. You may want to cover the left edge of the taillight with some sort of cloth so you don’t scratch it while removing it. However, it’s not necessary if you’re careful.

No just press and pull the rubber plug, pull the cable out and the entire taillight is free. Check out the video for a more comprehensive demonstration:


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