KITT Trans Am – Steering upgrades

What might look like some tiny improvements, actually make a huge difference. The roughly 200 km I got to drive my Firebird before I took it apart were a bit scary, meaning that the steering felt like it wasn’t really connected to the wheels. And the wheels didn’t feel like they were properly touching the road…

Anyhow, it wasn’t until April 2019 that I actually got to take my Firebird on the road again, that had now been transformed into KITT. The difference was like day and night. Sure, I had installed brand new tires (Dunlop Bluresponse Sport), but I had also improved the steering, most importantly I installed a Wonderbar and changed the rag joint steering coupler. No I did not install an Astra van steering shaft. Here’s how and why not:

Time to change the tires – Peugeot RCZ

Keep the rubber on the road

This time it’s time to change the tires of my RCZ. The summer tires are 19″ Continental Sport Contact 3 tires, which I am replacing with Continental Sport Contact 5. The old tires have lasted for about 60’000 km, which is pretty good, considering that they are sports tires and thus supposed to not only last but also be super sticky. 🙂

Used tire
Used tire
New tire
New tire

Anyway, when you look at the tread of the tires, you’ll see that they have almost come down to the tread wear indicators. These are at 1.6 mm, the legal minimum in Switzerland and many other countries as well. So, time go to the tire shop and have them all replaced with some new rubber! Yes, all four of them are down!!

If you can’t spot a tread wear indicator, one good tool to measure it is a one euro coin. The outer gold ring is exactly 1.6 mm. If you compare the old and the new tire you will instantly realize that the change was due!


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